Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zeeeeee-lightful Twosome!

Meet Zoe and Zachary
Nearly 5 months (in photo)

Twin Mama Sherri shares her tale of twin birth:
"I had easy pregnancies with my first two girls. I paid for the ease with this pregnancy. After I found out I was pregnant, I continued to bleed unexplainably. The doc started ordering ultrasounds at week 6 to find the source. It was week 9 or so, when they found two babies! (Turns out the bleed was from a tear on the uterine wall. So began my first bout with bed rest.)

I started with preterm labor at 18 weeks. I was on on-again-off-again bed rest since week 18. I started taking medicines with crappy side effects (flushing constantly, red and itchy legs, and horrible headaches) to stop the contractions. I continued until after the babies were born. Then they were worried that my cervix was too short. There was talk of a cerclage. Luckily, a more powerful machine found out I was fine.
Much to the doctor's aggravation, I lost weight each month until the last two months. She was worried about how my lack of weight gain would affect the babies. I developed gestational diabetes and borderline pre-eclampsia. The pre-eclampsia crossed the border and they induced me on April 9th.

Now the amazing part. Despite the additional risks that come with my "Advanced Maternal Age", being overweight, not gaining and all the problems in pregnancy, my babies were perfectly healthy! They were delivered vaginally, spent the first night in the Level II nursery for observation (breathing issues, but no oxygen was given), spent the second day in my room in warming beds and went home with me on the third day!! Other than a little jaundice and orders to keep them warm, we walked away with no issues.

We affectionately called our Baby B, Baby Butthead, because the baby would bounce on my bladder, tap dance on my ribs, do loop-de-loops in my womb and keep me up all night. Near the end of the pregnancy, Baby B pushed Baby A out of the way and became the new Baby A! Baby Butthead = Pushy!

My husband and I decided not to find out the sexes of the babies, so we chose four names: Alexander and Zachary, Zoe and Kylie - in order of preference. A couple of great stories came out of this.

I delivered in the O.R. and the small room was packed with 11 or 12 people besides me and my husband. When I transferred from the transport bed to the O.R. bed, the doctor said I could push whenever I felt a contraction. I informed her that I was having one right now and I pushed. Zoe was so eager to join the world that she came flying out. My favorite joke is that had the doctor not been ready, Zoe would have shot out and hit the wall!!

My reaction was classic, I said 'Oh no, not another girl.' The entire room broke out into laughter. As we waited for another contraction, the staff found out that we were hoping for a boy. We decided that Baby B (formally know as Baby A) was enjoying not being pushed around by Baby A and was having a little stretch. When B finally decided to make an appearance, the doctor announced, 'It's a boy!' The entire room broke into loud cheers, whistles and clapping!

I looked at my husband and lamented that I wouldn't have my Zachary now. He asked if I preferred Zach and I said yes. Alexander's name changed to Zachary while I was on the O.R. table!

In the end, Baby Butthead is my little Zoe. She was the smaller of the two and continues to be so today. But what she lacks in size, she makes up for in red-headed attitude, much like I imagine she did in-utero! And much like during the pregnancy, Zach is still our 'Laid Back Louie'.

Thanks for letting me share!"

Thank YOU for sharing your amazing story and darling twosome, Sherri!

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